【OneEARTH Project products for donations③&Special prize② 】EARTH Hiroshima life style set



Special set with an orizuru font mug cup, EARTH tote bag, and a Hiroshima needle sewing set.


■Orizuru font mug cup
Hiroshima’s peace symbol “orizuru (paper crane)” became EARTH Hiroshima’s original font.
A simple, useful Japan-made mug cup which is slim but holds a good amount.

[Specifications] “A: blue”
Material: pottery (white)
Size: φ75×H104mm
Volume: 300ml
Made in Japan
Orizuru font designed by Masahiro Nohjima


■EARTH tote bag
“EARTH Hiroshima” in the original orizuru font.
These ample tote bags express Hiroshima’s taste, with a wide bottom that makes them perfect whenever you go out or hit the shops.
Oriuru font designed by Masahiro Nohjima

[Specifications] Orizuru font design: blue
Material: 100% cotton
Size: W35×H42×D17mm
Volume 19L


〈Art direct Ltd.〉
Thoughts for peace are delivered by our customized printing technique.
We chose this useful tote bag with a wide bottom so that it can hold A4 size documents.
The customized designs are silk-screened and filled with thoughts for peace.
For your daily use as well as a memory of visiting Hiroshima.


■Hiroshima needle sewing set

Sewing set in a cute can. Hiroshima’s needles (sewing needle and dress pin) from Japan’s largest producer.
Each needle in the set has been made with heart in Hiroshima.
Portable and compact, but sufficient for your sewing needs.
Designed by Ekakiya (Naoko Ikeda)

【Contents】 EARTH / Blue
Hiroshima needle (2 sewing needles and 2 dress pins), 1 needle threader, 1 set of colorful threads, 1 scissors, 1 pincushion ball


“Japan’s largest needle production site, Hiroshima.”
Hiroshima produces more than 90% of Japan’s sewing needles and dress pins.
The characteristics of Hiroshima needles are their larger holes and sturdy but supple bodies so that needles won’t easily bend or break.
The needle’s surface is highly polished and the needle point is nicely designed to pierce the cloth smoothly. Users feel less tired while using their needles.


〈Tulip Company Limited〉
A needle is love. One needle can bind the world.
Since ancient days, needles have enriched people’s lives, with a culture handed down over generations. Under strict quality control checks, we provide safe needles with love from Hiroshima.
“We’d like people to use a Hiroshima needle to know its quality.” With this thought in mind, we hope you’ll gift yourself or someone with this affordable sewing set.
There are two types of Hiroshima sewing needles in this set. The color of the scissors, dress pins, and pincushion ball all match the packaging color. This sewing set showcases our eye for detail. We hope people around the world will use our sewing set.


By making a purchase, all profits will be donated to an organization developing and distributing a vaccine against covid-19.


OneEARTH Project →

This project has been completed.Thank you for your participation.

(※2020年6月1日~ 2020年8月15日)


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