“Sustainable Department Hiroshima” Ended Successfully!

On the first weekend of Golden Week, 4/29 and 4/30, we held the event “Sustainable Department Hiroshima” at JR Hiroshima Station, where sustainable items from all over Japan gathered together! Let’s report on how it went☆

The event venue was beautifully set up with stylish and unified displays thanks to the fabulous fixtures made from upcycled scaffold planks by WOODPRO.

In total, 20 companies participated in this sustainable initiative, including 12 from Hiroshima Prefecture and 8 from outside the region. EARTH Hiroshima displayed and sold all of its products at this event!

Despite the rainy weather on the first day, many visitors came right at opening time! The rain cleared up by the afternoon, and there were moments when a line of customers formed at the cash register (^^)

To commemorate this event, we also successfully launched a new collaboration product, EARTH Hiroshima × Project (Re:ll)☆

Designed by the French artist Adeline Lemete, these pieces include a necklace, bracelet, and earrings made from recycled silver featuring origami cranes☆

Although we displayed only one piece of each item, amazingly someone purchased both the necklace and bracelet!

Also, on the first day, we had visitors from the TSS news department and Chugoku Shimbun, resulting in some guests on the second day saying they came after “seeing it in the newspaper or on TV.” We’re grateful for the coverage!

Then, on the second day, the highlight was the live performance of “SHIBUKI Art” by the world-renowned artist Kazuhiko Otashita, starting at 13:00!


Backed by the powerful live music of guitarist Mr. Nagao and StyleAgent President Okutani, a member of the event executive committee, Mr. Otashita impressively applied SHIBUKI directly onto Chizuru Ushikai, who was dressed in a kimono!

Surrounded by a large audience, the performance was a huge success☆

Despite concerns about COVID, the venue, and the Golden Week timing, we were overjoyed to conclude the event more successfully than we had imagined.


As the concept of sustainability becomes more widespread, we hope this was an opportunity for everyone to see and touch what kinds of items are being created nationwide, bringing the idea of sustainability closer to home.


To everyone who visited,

To our supporters, sponsors, and collaborators,

To all the exhibitors,

And to the members of the executive committee,

Style Agent and WOODPRO,

We sincerely thank you!


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