One Earth without Borders
A brand for peace.
Launched in Hiroshima,
delivered to the world.

EARTH Hiroshima


"EARTH Hiroshima" is a brand for peace, launched in Hiroshima and delivered to the world. Expressing their hopes for peace, Hiroshima-based manufacturers and creators are collaborating to make and deliver a special line of goods worldwide. Hiroshima attracts visitors from around the globe, binding together people of different nationalities and cultures in a common witness for peace. After the atomic bombing, it was widely believed that nothing would grow in Hiroshima for 75 years, but today the green and vibrant city tells an inspirational story of recovery. As residents of Hiroshima, this is our message for the world: We are one. One earth, without borders. We hope our products will bring warmth to everyone who receives them, and that the circle will grow, bringing happiness to all the people of the earth. Through our "EARTH Hiroshima" project, we put this intention into each of our products.

EARTH Hiroshima
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In addition to its dynamic community of world-class creators, Hiroshima is home to many high-tech manufacturers.
"EARTH Hiroshima" brings the two together, harnessing and building on the city's energy to offer memorable new souvenirs that will appeal to visitors.

Manufacturer × Creator

Hiroshima-based manufacturers working in materials such as glass, resin, wood, metal, fabric, brushes, and papers.
Locally-based creators including graphic and product designers

Vision - Hiroshima brand, reaching out to the world -

We aim to enlist the participation of around 300 Hiroshima-based manufacturers, all working together to make the brand internationally recognized.


- Shaping our Ideas -
Through this project, we will donate a portion of profits to the Hiroshima City A-bomb Dome Preservation Project Fund.

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