“EARTH Hiroshima” is a brand for peace, launched in Hiroshima and delivered to the world.
Expressing their hopes for peace, Hiroshima-based manufacturers
and creators are collaborating to make and deliver a special line of goods worldwide.



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Hiroshima is home to many high-tech manufacturers. After the atomic bombing, it was widely believed that nothing would grow in Hiroshima for 75 years, but today Hiroshima has recovered, and is a vibrant city. Using manufacturing techniques developed by handing on skills from one person to another, they expressed "earth" or "paper crane" with wishes for peace. All products created with materials including glass, resin, wood, metal, fabric, hair, and papers exemplify the techniques of these Hiroshima-based manufacturers.



A distinctly Hiroshima way of thinking. Expressing a wish for peace by infusing it into their design, and delivering it to the world. Professional creators elaborate stylish designs and ideas to express their wishes for peace. A product to be bought for your own keepsake of remembrance, or as a gift. That's been our aim. And now, Earth Hiroshima goods are ready.

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