Hiroshima’s sake lees handcream and face mask, Tsurutsuru

Penguin Graphics Ltd.

Hand cream and face mask containing nutrient-rich lees from Hiroshima sake along with other beauty ingredients

Hiroshima is one of Japan’s most famous sake production sites. This hand cream and face mask is made by blending extracts from the lees of Hiroshima sake, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and placenta.
The nutrient-rich sake lees and other ingredients will leave your skin moist and smooth.

Art director/designer/creative director

Penguin Graphics Ltd.

Items made with sake lees, a specialty of the sake town of Hiroshima.

The packaging design was inspired by Japanese sake labels, to highlight the fact that it is made with lees from the local sakes of Hiroshima, a major brewing center.
The motif is a crane, “tsuru”in Japanese, which is associated with Hiroshima and is also incorporated in the product name, "Tsurutsuru," meaning “the feel of smooth skin.”
We hope many people will use this hand cream and face mask associated with Hiroshima.

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