Perpetual calendar, recycled from Orizuru

d&b, sekiura design

Perpetual calendar with 31 different pixelated illustrations

Each day is illustrated with 31 different fun, pixelated designs under the theme of Peace & Love.
You can keep the cards in the box as a desk calendar, or display the cards on the wall as a monthly calendar.
For special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, you can use the free cards to express yourself.

Graphic designer

d&b, sekiura design

A calendar which colors your days with your free ideas

I designed this perpetual calendar as paper goods produced by a graphic designer, using recycled orizuru paper cranes.
Using the technique of pasteboard boxes, often used for Japanese sweets, I designed a shape that fits a round die-cut calendar.
Drawing on the image of origami, I combined triangular pixels to create 31 different illustrations of motifs including animals, plants, and transport.
Put the cards in a box and place it on your desk, or put the cards on the wall to use as a monthly calendar, and use the extra free cards for your own ideas.

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