Orizuru Jewelry

Le Metté Adeline

Sustainable "orizuru jewelry" made of recycled silver and gold

“Orizuru,” the origami crane, is a symbol of peace.
This jewelry is designed using orizuru as a motif to express wishes for peace.
Three types are available; necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made in silver and gold.
Anti-tarnish coating is applied to ensure a long-lasting appearance.
Delivered in a jewelry box made of recycled orizuru paper cranes.

◆Efforts to develop sustainable products
To develop sustainable, environmentally-friendly products, we discussed what kinds of materials should be reused, such as used paper, cloth, and kimono, discarded materials from factories and homes, and a variety of scrap materials. Around that time, we found a chance to collaborate with Le Metté Adeline, a French designer who runs the Hiroshima-based made-in-Japan jewelry brand "L” and started developing jewelry made using recycled silver and gold.

◆Recycled silver and gold are used
The items are three types: necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. For each, two types are available, 925 silver (close to pure silver) and gold (18k gold plated on the 925 silver). Both are made with recycled metal, recycled from shavings generated during processing, defective products, and used jewelry. The recycled metals are treated in the same way as new metal to obtain the same quality. In addition, they’re finished with an anti-tarnishing coating, making them corrosion-resistant and allowing them to be used beautifully for a long time.

◆Design with a wish for peace
Wishing for peace, “orizuru” which is a symbol of peace is used as a motif. Six small orizuru, each measuring 7mm square, are delicate but still have a strong presence. Each one has been carefully handmade in Japan by craftsmen. This stylish, sophisticated jewelry can be worn not only for formal occasions but also for daily use. We hope you will feel warmth in your heart at random moments by wearing this jewelry.

◆Jewelry box made of recycled orizuru paper
The packaging is ethical, as well as products. Using recycled orizuru which have been delivered to Hiroshima from all over Japan, we produced an original jewelry box.

[6 types in total]
 ・Orizuru jewelry necklace, silver
 ・Orizuru jewelry necklace, gold
  Size: 40cm/43cm (adjustable)

 ・Orizuru jewelry bracelet, silver
 ・Orizuru jewelry bracelet, gold
  Size: 15cm/16cm (adjustable)

 ・Orizuru jewelry earrings, silver
 ・Orizuru jewelry earrings, gold
  Pierced earrings catch bar: 3cm, Chain: 7cm

 ・Silver: recycled silver [925 sterling silver]
 ・Gold: recycled silver [925 sterling silver] with gold plating [18K gold]
 ・Made in Japan by Japanese craftsmen
 ・Applied with an anti-tarnish coating to be used beautifully for a long time

Jewelry Designer

Le Metté Adeline

Jewelry incorporating eco-friendly materials. You can cherish it for a long time.

I make jewelry not as a "product" but as an "artwork," paying careful attention to details.
When I was thinking of incorporating eco-friendly materials in jewelry, I had a timely offer to develop such products.
The design is for casual use in everyday life, such as at work or when you go out. I would be happy if you feel warmth and peace in your mind while wearing this jewelry by catching a glimpse of it. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by craftsmen, and treated with an anti-tarnish coating to prevent corrosion. I hope you will use and cherish it for a long time.

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