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Creative and playful fans, made from recycled paper cranes, with artwork by disabled people

These ethical, eco-friendly fans are made from recycled paper cranes sent to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park from all over the world.
Fonts and patterns created from the letters, art and everyday expressions of people with disabilities are designed at the laboratory of the Faculty of Art, Hiroshima City University.

Re:ORIZURU FANO" is a new lineup for "Re:ORIZURU," an ethical, eco-friendly product line from EARTH Hiroshima, using paper recycled from paper cranes.
All three fans, "Re:ORIZURU FANO -smile-," "Re:ORIZURU FANO -passion-," and "Re:ORIZURU FANO -more smile-" were drawn by users who attend "Pong Pong," a continuous employment support (type B) workshop.
Fonts and patterns were created based on their characters and expressions, and designed by the laboratory of the Faculty of Art, Hiroshima City University, led by art director Professor Masahiro Nohjima.

As you spread the fan, a smile will spread too. The original, playful illustration will make your heart feel more positive. The design somehow conveys a warm mysterious, and gentle feeling.

Price: 3,850 yen (tax included)
《Fan surface/Package》 Paper recycled from paper cranes (30% recycled pulp from paper cranes/70% recycled pulp from milk cartons)
《Handle/String clasp》Japanese cypress wood
Size: 《Fully opened》 length 33cm / fan diameter 22cm 《Closed》 length 24cm
Country of origin: Japan
*A portion of the profits will be used to fund the activities of “ongaeshi project,” an activity contributing to society.

Camino Co.,Ltd.

- “FANO" a fan made from recycled paper cranes -

“FANO" is a fan designed using recycled paper cranes donated to Hiroshima.
Initiated by Hiroshima City, this is one of our efforts to sublimate the desire for peace contained in origami paper cranes. The colorful fragments of origami cranes remain in some places, giving each piece a unique appearance, and the natural cream-colored texture, combined with the texture of the Japanese paper, gives the fan a soft look.
We would like to express our gratitude to everyone around the world who folded and sent us origami paper cranes, utilizing ideas and techniques unique to the Japanese people.
We hope that these paper cranes, reborn as FANO, will carry a "wind of peace" all over the world.

NPO Hull Pong

Proposing a new form of expression using art for people with disabilities

Our core concept is the pursuit of the enjoyment that comes from the collaborative efforts of artists and designers. To make the expressions of people with disabilities more appealing, we created fonts and patterns from their letters, art, and everyday expressions, and created a new approach through design.

The art was selected for the purpose of making it into patterns for secondary use in products, etc. The font was also created in such a way that it can be used for various purposes. We hope that the art will not just be trimmed from the original, but will also be used by society as a new mode of expression.

Hiroshima City University Faculty of Arts V.C. Design Nohjima Labo

As an individual research project, our laboratory proposes "Peace font" as a design, which is a font or pattern made from art drawn by people with disabilities. The concept is that "the smiles of those who are considered socially vulnerable, whether children, the elderly, or the disabled, are the barometer of peace.“ We hope that this font and pattern will help create those smiles.

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