Why not start an eco-friendly life?
Ethical Life, starting from “EARTH”

Future created with Re:ORIZURU

Re:ORIZURU is a series of products made with recycled orizuru paper cranes, sent to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park from all over the world.

The key words are: ①Eco, ②People-friendly, and ③Peace.
Knowing, buying, using, spreading, and getting involved will lead to these keywords.

Know/Buy/Use/Spread/Get Involved

Social good

Social good spreading through familiar actions

1 Earth-friendly eco products

Earth-friendly eco products

About 10,000,000 orizuru paper
cranes sent to Hiroshima

Every year, about 10 million orizuru paper cranes (around 10 tons) are sent to Hiroshima from all over the world.

The story of a girl exposed to the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and her orizuru paper cranes struck hearts around the world, and even now, more than half a century later, millions of orizuru are sent to Hiroshima annually from across Japan and the world. Each of these orizuru paper cranes holds a wish for peace.

Around ten tons of orizuru paper cranes are delivered to Hiroshima each year. In order to pass these paper cranes to the future as a resource containing our wishes for peace, they’re recycled, with new design value added so that they can be passed on to many people.
These recycled orizuru paper crane items are eco products based on “ethical consumption,” which is gaining attention around the world

2 People-friendly projects

Making the most of the expertise of a diverse range of people.

After being stored for a certain period of time, orizuru paper cranes sent to Hiroshima are brought to vocational workshops. There, the cranes are unfolded one by one, sorted by color, and dissolved in water to be reborn.
The process of creating “Re:ORIZURU” involves a diverse group of people, including creators who give new design value to the paper cranes, manufacturers who give them shape, employment support facilities, people with disabilities, housewives who have difficulty working outside the home, and others who utilize their own strengths and abilities.

We transform “recycled paper made from orizuru paper cranes” into goods that can be delivered inside and outside Japan, creating employment by making them available to a wide range of users.

3 Universal wish for peace


Conveying peace to the future.
Our products must convey “peace,” a universal wish around the world.

Hiroshima, a symbol of peace, is the largest tourist destination in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions, with the “Atomic Bomb Dome” World Heritage Site drawing many overseas visitors. Once it was said that no plants would grow in Hiroshima for 75 years, but now Hiroshima has recovered from its devastation, becoming a green and flourishing city. Orizuru, which enclose Hiroshima’s history and wishes from all over the world, are turned into orizuru recycled paper goods to pass down to the next generation for a brighter future.

The “OneEARTH Project,” a participatory project to support the development and dissemination of vaccinex for Covid-19, was implemented, and all profits from the sales of the project were donated.

Why not start an eco-friendly life?
Ethical Life, starting from “EARTH”

Letter Paper, Recycled from Orizuru (Paper Crane)

Letter paper, recycled from Orizuru (paper crane) to express wishes for peace

Over 10 million paper cranes are sent to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park from Japan and abroad every year, and these cranes are recycled into paper for various uses.
This letter paper is made from those recycle papers.
8 types of pop and casual patterns including orizuru, earth, streets in Hiroshima are available.

Penguin Graphics Ltd.

Art director/designer/creative director
Penguin Graphics Ltd.

Hope this “letter paper” will deliver the message from person to person.

When delivering a shorter, more casual message, rather than a formal letter… This type of shorter message paper is commonly used.
We’d like someone, somewhere in the world to have this letter paper as a souvenir and think about Hiroshima and peace.

Notebook, recycled from orizuru (paper cranes)
Gold wing/Silver wing

Simple notebook recycled from orizuru (paper cranes)
with gold and silver flying doves

Each year, over 10 million paper cranes are sent to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park from all over the world. This notebook is made using paper recycled from these orizuru paper cranes. With wishes for peace, the whole notebook, both cover and inner pages, use this recycled orizuru paper. There are 2 types, gold and silver for the cover.

Hajime Tsushima

Art director/designer
Hajime Tsushima

Its cover design makes good use of recycled orizuru paper.

The cover design has a meaning of “gathering various thoughts” with Hiroshima-themed motifs including maple leaves and family crests to deliver the image of a flying dove, the symbol of peace, to the future.

Aroma diffuser, recycled from orizuru (paper cranes) PEACE/LOVE

First in Japan>>Aroma diffuser made with recycled orizuru (paper cranes) paper

Folding the recycled orizuru paper, cherry blossoms (an emblem of Japan) are elaborately expressed.
2 kinds of 100% natural aroma are available; “Peace” is a refreshing aroma giving the impression of a fresh, calming breeze. “Love” is a sweet, clear aroma with a soft and gentle impression.


Product designer
Hiromi Komiyama

Deliver a design with Japanese-style paper folding to the world.

The motif is Japan’s symbolic flower, the cherry blossom, which you can see in Peace Memorial Park as well, matching the appealing image of recycled orizuru paper.
The characteristics of paper, “fold, cut, bend, and adhere” are fully utilized to make the item look like origami artwork.
All the wishes of the people who folded the orizuru paper cranes which are recycled as paper, will hopefully be delivered to people all over the world.

Enclosing love and wishes for peace into the aroma

When I consider EARTH Hiroshima’s brand concept, “a message of peace from Hiroshima,” I thought that each person’s love will bring peace.
The blended aroma is enclosed with love and wishes for peace. I blended the aroma, imagining a peaceful future where children live safely and happily.

Kaori Mori

Kaori Mori

Card case, recycled from orizuru (paper cranes)

Card case made from solid wood offcuts and handmade recycled orizuru (paper crane) paper cards

Uniquely blends the feeling of handmade origami and wood. The mouth of the envelope is wide, allowing you to easily remove the cards, and it’s designed so that the two papers overlap neatly, even when seen from the side. We took great care to create a minimal simplicity. The two colors are basic white, and a chic, calm brown that’s made with craft paper.

Nobuyuki Takahashi

Product & graphic designer
Nobuyuki Takahashi

Enjoy the warmth of recycled orizuru paper.

Making good use of the warmth of recycled orizuru paper, we made a practical card case for daily use.
The wood on the sides enhances the allure of recycled paper and increases structural strength.
You can enjoy the color fading as you use it for years.
We hope you’ll feel the wishes for peace which are enclosed in the orizuru paper cranes.

Only one in the world. Feel the warmth of handmade paper

Each recycled orizuru paper used for card case is carefully made one by one by workers’ hands. It has a unique “warmth” that western paper can’t match. The scattered pieces of color show us various expressions. I’m very happy that we were able to make a card case out of this paper. It’s all handmade, so each piece is unique. I hope many people will enjoy owning a one-of-a-kind card case.

workshop for disabled people in Hiroshima city

Continuous employment support (type B)
workshop for disabled people in
Hiroshima city

Perpetual calendar, recycled from Orizuru

Perpetual calendar with 31 different pixelated illustrations

Each day is illustrated with 31 different fun, pixelated designs under the theme of Peace & Love.
You can keep the cards in the box as a desk calendar, or display the cards on the wall as a monthly calendar.For special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, you can use the free cards to express yourself.

d&b, sekiura design

Graphic designer
d&b, sekiura design

A calendar which colors your days with your free ideas

I designed this perpetual calendar as paper goods produced by a graphic designer, using recycled orizuru paper cranes.
Using the technique of pasteboard boxes, often used for Japanese sweets, I designed a shape that fits a round die-cut calendar.
Drawing on the image of origami, I combined triangular pixels to create 31 different illustrations of motifs including animals, plants, and transport.
Put the cards in a box and place it on your desk, or put the cards on the wall to use as a monthly calendar, and use the extra free cards for your own ideas.

Symbol of Hiroshima and peace, orizuru paper cranes

On August 6, 1945, the atomic bomb was dropped.
Exposed to radiation, a girl named Sadako Sasaki developed leukemia.
She received paper cranes as a sympathy gift,
and began folding a thousand orizuru paper cranes, hoping for her recovery.

As she fought the disease, she continued folding paper cranes.
However, her life came to a close when she was only 12 years old.

Since then, orizuru have taken on a special meaning as a symbol of peace.

To allow the prayers and wishes enclosed in the orizuru paper cranes
to be transformed and passed down to the next generation,
the initiative to revive the paper cranes as “recycled paper cranes” was launched.


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