Notebook, recycled from orizuru (paper cranes) Gold wing/Silver wing

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Simple notebook recycled from orizuru (paper cranes) with gold and silver flying doves

Each year, over 10 million paper cranes are sent to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park from all over the world. This notebook is made using paper recycled from these orizuru paper cranes.
With wishes for peace, the whole notebook, both cover and inner pages, use this recycled orizuru paper.
There are 2 types, gold and silver for the cover.

Art director/designer

Hajime Tsushima

Its cover design makes good use of recycled orizuru paper.

The cover design has a meaning of “gathering various thoughts” with Hiroshima-themed motifs including maple leaves and family crests to deliver the image of a flying dove, the symbol of peace, to the future.


Enjoy freely using the recycled orizuru paper

Recycled orizuru paper is beautiful, with colorful pieces of origami paper.
The inner pages are blank, allowing users to freely express their ideas.
The notebook’s design details include a metal binding component that matches the cover page’s gold or silver color.

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