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PoPJAPAN Co.,Ltd.×Kayo Kawakami×ito-lier (mananiwa)

Fabric accessories with a discreet, original Hiroshima-themed design

Using a clear printing technique for fabric including banners, an original textile is produced.
There are 2 designs; a pop style with Hiroshima dialect words “jaken” and “tawan,” and a stylish illustration of local specialties like okonomiyaki and lemons.
Bow ties and pocket squares are available so that you can enjoy them in style.
“Actually, these designs are Hiroshima dialect and specialties…” In this way it can be a conversation piece.


Applying fabric printing technique to various products

Since its foundation in 1974, PoPJAPAN has mainly produced banners for clients nationwide.
Their business style is unique throughout Japan, boasting the largest production in the industry.
They sometimes take part in producing art pieces and are proud to be the fabric printing industry’s leading company.

It isn’t widely known that high quality, original print fabrics can be produced in comparatively small lots.
Using their fabric printing technology, developed through making banners, the patterns are clearly expressed.

Creative director/designer

Kayo Kawakami

With playful designs showing Hiroshima specialities

It looks like a simple polka dot pattern. But look closer, and you’ll see that the patterns are Hiroshima dialect words and Hiroshima specialties including carp, lemons, Momiji-manju cakes, oysters, okonomiyaki, street cars and Kumano brushes, in geometric design. These cute designs will bring a smile.
We hope it will be a good conversation piece.


Saki Kawahira, ito-lier (mananiwa)

For a casual, stylish fashion statement

A bow tie and pocket square with a witty design showing Hiroshima specialties.
Perfect items to wear for your special occasions.

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