Mug cup with orizuru font

Colorful mug cup with designed orizuru font

Hiroshima’s peace symbol “orizuru (paper crane)” became EARTH Hiroshima’s original font.
A simple, useful Japan-made mug cup which is slim but holds a good amount.
5 types on white base: E (red), A (light blue), R (yellow), T (purple), H (green)
Choose your favorite letter, matching your initial or the first letter of your favorite word. It makes a good gift, too.

Material: pottery (white)
Diameter: 75 mm
Height: 104 mm
Volume: 300 ml
Made in Japan

Orizuru font

With the orizuru alphabet design, your mug cup will be special.

On white pottery, a colorful orizuru font alphabet is added.
It’s fun to pick a letter which matches your initial or the first letter of your favorite word.
More alphabets will be added in the future.

E: Endo, Elica, Eiji, Enjoy, etc.
A: Akiyama, Arisa, Akira, Ai (love), etc.
R: Ray, Ryo, Respect, etc.
T: Takako, Taro, Thank you, etc.
H: Hirata, Hiroko, Hello, Happy, etc.

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