BOTTEGA x EARTH Hiroshima “Peace for the World, Spumante” charity project

BOTTEGA and EARTH Hiroshima, charity collaboration project

The Italian winery “BOTTEGA” and EARTH Hiroshima’s collaboration project.

This is a limited product, a charity set including “Peace for the World Spumante” produced for Hiroshima and peace by BOTTEGA, and EARTH Hiroshima’s original orizuru wine charm.

With the symbols of the white dove and orizuru, the set delivers a message of peace.

All profits from this product will be donated to Hiroshima city’s peace promotion activities.

In 2015, the 70th anniversary of the A-bomb, President Sandro visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum for the first time and was shocked. To express a wish for peace, his company BOTTEGA produced the special “Peace for the World” spumante with a white dove label, and “Peace for Hiroshima” grappa with small glass dove inside the Venetian glass bottle.
■Name of product: Peace for the World, Spumante
■Vintage: NV
■Color: White/sparkling
■Alcohol content: 11%
■Quantity in a case: 6
■Volume: 750ml
■Weight: 1.5kg
■Country of origin/region: Treviso, State of Veneto, Italy
■Category: DOC VENEZIA
■Reference price: 2,350 yen
■Taste: Dry
■Kind of grape: Prosecco 70%, Verduzzo 15%, Chardonnay 15%
■Characteristics: Light and fruity. Rich aroma. Light wheat straw color. Gorgeous aroma of Golden Delicious apples, white peaches, hawthorn, and wisteria.

EARTH Hiroshima’s orizuru wine charm:
gloss red/pearl white/gloss navy


Winery making grappa and sparkling prosecco wine in Northern Italy.
BOTTEGA takes pride in its tradition, quality, and design, doing everything from growing grapes to packaging themselves.

In November 2017, they held an exhibition called “SPIRIT OF PEACE” to release “Peace for the World” and “Peace for Hiroshima” at 3 art museums in Hiroshima City.

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