Gold-leaf orizuru bookmark

Rekiseisha Co., Ltd. x KOCHI Co., Ltd. x Tsushima Design Office

Bookmark with gold-leaf orizuru

Traditional Japanese brass-leaf craft and modern print processing technology are combined to create this orizuru bookmark, Available in five graceful colors.

Rekiseisha Co., Ltd.

Tomoyuki Hisanaga

Gold is a symbol of peace. From Hiroshima to the world.

Since ancient days, mankind has considered gold a precious item.
That’s because people feel “gold is a color with the power to convey feelings of hope and healing. Gold is a color of peace.” In Buddhism, for example, gold is a color used as a symbol of the wish for peace.
We think gold leaf has unlimited possibilities, beyond wallpaper or folding screens, and are trying to create new designs that break with stereotypes.
It’s not widely known that gold leaf papers are produced here in Hiroshima and used for wallpaper worldwide.
We transformed a Japanese traditional craft, “gold leaf paper,” to an orizuru bookmark, because the orizuru is a symbol of peace, and bookmarks are useful in everyone’s daily lives. We hope it will charm people around the world.

KOCHI Co., Ltd.

The first trial. Paper made by joining gold leaf paper and colored paper.

We carefully selected paper for gilding with gold leaf, and made many trial samples.
The material of the gold leaf paper used for this product is difficult to process in terms of size and texture. However, with the support of many people we succeeded in creating the combined paper for this product.

Art director & graphic designer

Hajime Tsushima

A wish for peace and its formative beauty, expressed with gold leaf paper

Using the motif of “orizuru,” the symbol of EARTH Hiroshima brand’s theme of “Hiroshima-like” and “peace,” glittering gold leaf and colorful paper combine in a pop style. To express the orizuru’s beauty, we took care with the winged design. We hope that through encountering this product, more people will learn about the uncommon culture of gold leaf.

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