Orizuru font

Masahiro Nohjima

Characters based on orizuru. An original font in the motif of orizuru, the symbol of peace.

Upper and lower case alphabets and numbers are expressed using orizuru, the symbol of peace.
Their varied colors are like origami paper (folding paper).
Each character shows a unique taste and can be applied to any product.

Art director & Designer

Masahiro Nohjima

The characters are made with orizuru, which you’ll feel like showing off.

I tried to choose orizuru’s characteristics nicely, t created the 62 characters of upper and lower case alphabets and numbers.
To deliver the orizuru taste, I broke the stereotype image of orizuru and introduced both sides of orizuru for the design.
You can use multiple characters or just a single large character.
I hope you’ll find your own favorite character.

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