EARTH Tote Bag

[Pattern: Orizuru font] by Art direct Ltd.
[Pattern: Orizuru illustration] by Art direct Ltd. x Naoko Ikeda

Cute tote bags with Hiroshima’s emblematic orizuru illustration and our original “orizuru font” designs.

There are 2 patterns; an orizuru illustration positioned in a circle for the image of peace, and “EARTH Hiroshima” in the original orizuru font.

These ample tote bags express Hiroshima’s taste, with a wide bottom that makes them perfect whenever you go out or hit the shops.

The orizuru illustration pattern comes in 3 colors: blue, gray, and orange.
The orizuru font pattern also has 3 colors: light blue, gray, and fluorescent orange.

Art direct Ltd.

Thoughts for peace are delivered by our customized printing technique.

We chose this useful tote bag with a wide bottom so that it can hold A4 size documents.
The customized designs are silk-screened and filled with thoughts for peace.
For your daily use as well as a memory of visiting Hiroshima.

Nahoko Ikeda

[Orizuru illustration] Heartwarming orizuru illustration

Orizuru illustrations are positioned in a large circle so that it matches the bag’s own taste, expressing the brand concept “One Earth without Borders.” The design is associated with warmth and the round earth.

[Orizuru font]

Stylish orizuru font

Orizuru font is designed based on the “orizuru,” which is a symbol of peace.
The brand name “EARTH Hiroshima” is printed in this high-impact font.

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