Hiroshima’s sake lees carbonated mist, Tsurutsuru

CO2Plus, Inc. × Penguin Graphics Ltd.

Mist toner containing sake lees essence and high concentrations of carbonic acid

Mist toner containing high concentration carbonic acid gas and Hiroshima’s specialty sake lees essence
Carbonic acid and sake lees, rich in nutrition, make your skin moist and smooth.

Art director/designer/creative director

Penguin Graphics Ltd.

Handy mist toner using sake, a representative Hiroshima specialty.

A Japanese sake label image is used on the container so that everyone can notice that Hiroshima’s sake lees are used.
The design uses a crane pattern which is a symbol of peace in Hiroshima. The product name “Tsurutsuru” has a double meaning. “Tsuru” means both ‘crane’ and ‘smooth’ in Japanese. The name expresses the hope that your skin will become smooth.
We hope that many people will use this Hiroshima-themed mist toner.

CO2Plus, Inc.

Beauty Specialist

Hiromi Takahashi (CEO)

Leading company of carbonated cosmetics

For over 20 years, they’ve researched and manufactured carbonated cosmetics. They successfully developed the technology (patented) to dissolve carbonated gas in high concentrations and applied it to produce various goods.
With a wealth of patents in production methods, the whole process from research, product development, production, and shipping is done on their own.

The world’s only Beauty Specialist.
Focusing on carbonic acid beauty treatments earlier than anyone else, she has been widely active, giving lectures, writing a column for a website, and appearing in media such as magazines, television, and radio.

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