CO2 Plus, Inc.

CO2 Plus, Inc.

Leading company of carbonated cosmetics

For over 20 years, they’ve researched and manufactured carbonated cosmetics. They successfully developed the technology (patented) to dissolve carbonated gas in high concentrations and applied it to produce a variety of goods.
With a wealth of patents in production methods, the whole process from research, product development, production, and shipping is done on their own.

Beauty Specialist
Hiromi Takahashi
The world’s only Beauty Specialist.
She focused on carbonic acid beauty treatments earlier than anyone else while working as a pharmaceutical consultant. In 2009, she was appointed as president at CO2 Plus, Inc. which specializes in research, development, and manufacturing of carbonic gas and hydrogen (since October, 2014, she has been CEO). Currently, she is widely active, giving lectures, writing a column for a website, and appearing in media such as magazines, television, and radio. Since 2017, she has lived in New Zealand.
Authored works: “Tansansui de Tsuru Fuwa Hada ni (Get Smooth, Soft Skin Using Carbonated Water) (Fusosha Publishing, MOOK)”
“Revised edition; TansanTansansui de Tsuru Fuwa Hada ni (Get smooth and soft skin, using carbonated water)” (Fusosha Publishing, MOOK)”

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