Attended the 18th Hiroshima Good Design Award Ceremony and Exhibition & Sale!

At the 18th Hiroshima Good Design Award, our “Re:ORIZURU FANO” series received the Encouragement Award in the Product category!

This time, there were 120 entries from 92 companies and organizations across the Hiroshima metropolitan area. On November 9th and 10th, the award ceremony and exhibition & sale event were held at the Shareo Central Plaza!

At the exhibition and sale, in addition to the award-winning Re:ORIZURU FANO, we showcased other items from the “Re:ORIZURU” brand made of recycled origami crane paper, including Orizuru (Paper Crane) Charms and Hiroshima’s sake lees infused Tsurutsuru series, previously awarded at the Hiroshima Good Design Awards. We welcomed many visitors♪

Re:ORIZURU FANO is a fan-shaped fan made from recycled origami crane paper. Its vivid colors and innovative design caught the eye of passersby, prompting many to pick it up.

We received comments like “It’s lighter than I thought!” and “So cute!” from visitors, including Hiroshima locals and foreign tourists who made purchases ♥


This event also provided an opportunity to share widely about EARTH Hiroshima’s Re:ORIZURU line of items made from recycled origami crane paper, emphasizing their eco-friendliness and the embedded message of peace.


We were delighted and encouraged by the empathy and cheers for EARTH Hiroshima’s initiatives!


We will continue to strive to bring EARTH Hiroshima to even more people… Looking forward to our ongoing efforts♪



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