“Re:ORIZURU” New Product Release: Versatile “Origami Crane Recycled Paper Material Series”

The Hiroshima-based Peace brand ‘EARTH Hiroshima’ has launched new products under its ethical ‘Re:ORIZURU’ line, developed using origami crane recycled paper. These are six items in the ‘Material Series’, designed for flexible use to suit individual preferences. Sales of these products will begin on November 14, 2023, at the EARTH Hiroshima official online shop.

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Versatile Uses of the “Origami Crane Recycled Paper Series”

Recently, “Origami Crane Recycled Paper” has gained attention from media, consumers, and buyers nationwide due to its alignment with SDGs and its unique story. We’ve received numerous inquiries and interview requests regarding our “Re:ORIZURU” items made from this material. In response to the growing interest from individuals and businesses in incorporating origami crane recycled paper into their projects, we are pleased to offer the flexible “Origami Crane Recycled Paper Material Series.”

The sale includes the following six items, suitable for various scenes and purposes, from business to personal use and everyday activities. These items, sold in small sets, are plain, allowing for customization with your preferred designs. Incorporating the peace-infused “Origami Crane Recycled Paper” into your projects also helps promote SDGs, which are increasingly important today.

・Origami Crane Recycled Paper Business Card Sheets (10 sheets with 10 cards each)

・Origami Crane Recycled Paper A4 (10 sheets)

・Origami Crane Recycled Paper A5 (20 sheets)

・Origami Crane Recycled Paper Envelopes (5 pieces)

・Origami Crane Recycled Paper Postcards (10 pieces)

・Origami Crane Recycled Paper Flower (1 piece)



Re:ORIZURU: Repurposing Thousands of Cranes Sent to Hiroshima from Around the World


Every year, Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park receives about 10 million (approximately 10 tons) colorful origami cranes from around the world, symbolizing peace. We’ve redesigned these cranes into new forms of merchandise, such as sundries, transforming them into eco-friendly and ethical items under the “Re:ORIZURU” line. Launched in April 2021 by EARTH Hiroshima, this line aims to spread the message of peace, embedded in these cranes, to a wider audience.


-Product Details-

◆Origami Crane Recycled Paper Business Card Sheets (10 sheets with 10 cards each)

W210mm x H297mm (A4 size), 0.17mm thickness (160g/㎡), priced at 1,320 yen (tax included), with micro-perforation for easy separation.

Each card is marked with “Made from Origami Crane Recycled Paper” in Japanese and the sheets are suitable for various purposes, including business cards, shop cards, gift tags, and message cards. They are designed for easy printing and separation.


◆Origami Crane Recycled Paper A4 (10 sheets) and A5 (20 sheets)

A4 (10 sheets)

Size: W210mm x H297mm, Paper thickness: 0.11mm (85g/㎡)

Price: 715 yen (tax included)

A5 (20 sheets)

Size: W148mm x H210mm, Paper thickness: 0.11mm (85g/㎡)

Price: 715 yen (tax included)

Suitable for creating flyers, leaflets, menu cards, stationery, book covers, lunch mats, wrapping papers, and more. Priced at 715 yen (tax included), these plain sheets offer versatility and are easy to handle, similar in thickness to regular copy paper.


◆Origami Crane Recycled Paper Envelopes (5 pieces)

Size: W162mm x H114mm, Paper thickness: 0.14mm (110g/㎡)

Price: 715 yen (tax included)

These plain envelopes can be used in any setting, whether for business correspondence or personal letters. They are a standard Western Style No. 2 envelope size, making them easy to use.


Origami Crane Recycled Paper Postcards (10 pieces)

Size: W100mm x H148mm, Paper thickness: 0.2mm (180g/㎡)

Price: 715 yen (tax included)

The front features a postal code frame, stamp mark, and the origami crane recycled paper logo. The back is blank, allowing for custom printing. Ideal for heartfelt invitations and seasonal messages.


◆Origami Crane Recycled Paper Flower (1 piece)

Size: Flower – φ11.5cm x H5.5cm; Box – W120mm x D120mm x H60mm

Price: 770 yen (tax included)

A three-dimensional flower made from origami crane recycled paper. It can be used as an ornament by adding a string, transformed into a wreath, or used as an interior decoration highlight. When used with sticks, it can serve as an aroma diffuser in a vase. It can also be incorporated into fashion as a corsage, offering versatile uses depending on the arrangement.

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