Orizuru (Paper Crane) Charm

BABA PLASTIC Co., Ltd. × Tomoko Kanagu

3D Orizuru produced with shaping and painting technology developed to make car parts

In plastic, they express the elaborate form of the paper crane. Using forming and painting techniques which were originally developed to produce car parts, a beautiful paper crane is created.
These elegant orizuru charms, with a glossy, metallic surface, can be used for stylish accessories and other small items.



Kunihiro Baba

We put technique and heart into the making of each one.

Actually, I’d been wondering if I could try something fun, even though we were mainly working on built-to-order manufacturing of exterior parts for cars. We’re good at manufacturing things when the specifications have already been determined. But it was a whole new world for us to create something from scratch. Through this opportunity, we were excited to produce this item based on our own concept.
Choosing from among many ideas, we decided to develop the 3D Orizuru-shaped item, one of Hiroshima’s symbols. Thick shapes, with concavo-convex surfaces and sharp edges, are generally considered difficult to manufacture. But we made a prototype with a 3D printer and then a metal mold, and Furuta Resin Industry also continued the coating process by trial and error to solve problems one by one.
As Hiroshima-based manufacturers, we put our techniques and pride into each item to produce these resin orizuru charms for accessories and other small items. We’d like people around the world to wear our orizuru charms.

K’s design room / Art Director & Graphic Designer

Tomoko Kanagu

Careful attention to details. Stylish orizuru form and luxurious texture.

If I only used the actual paper crane shape, I thought it might be too ordinary. So I tried to work out the ideal form which can be realized only by a 3D resin product. To achieve that, I took great care to choose the right angles, thickness, and size.
Usually I work mainly on graphic design. So it was fresh and fun to create the image with paper clay first. Next, the design was shaped by manufacturers. After the painting process, its shape was more gorgeous and had more “pop” than I imagined.
It would be nice if people collected these orizuru items in various colors both for themselves and as souvenirs.

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