Letter Paper, Recycled from Orizuru (Paper Crane)

Penguin Graphics Ltd.

Letter paper, recycled from Orizuru (paper crane) to express wishes for peace

Over 10 million paper cranes are sent to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park from Japan and abroad every year, and these cranes are recycled into paper for various uses.
This letter paper is made from those recycle papers.
8 types of pop and casual patterns including orizuru, earth, streets in Hiroshima are available.

Art director/designer/creative director

Penguin Graphics Ltd.

Hope this “letter paper” will deliver the message from person to person.

When delivering a shorter, more casual message, rather than a formal letter…
This type of shorter message paper is commonly used.
We’d like someone, somewhere in the world to have this letter paper as a souvenir and think about Hiroshima and peace.

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