Card case, recycled from orizuru (paper cranes)

Continuous employment support (type B) workshop for disabled people in Hiroshima city × nats design studio

Card case made from solid wood offcuts and handmade recycled orizuru (paper crane) paper cards

Uniquely blends the feeling of handmade origami and wood. The mouth of the envelope is wide, allowing you to easily remove the cards, and it’s designed so that the two papers overlap neatly, even when seen from the side. We took great care to create a minimal simplicity. The two colors are basic white, and a chic, calm brown that’s made with craft paper.

■Recycling orizuru (paper cranes) paper
Every year, Peace Memorial Park receives about 10 million donated paper cranes. After keeping the cranes for a period of time, they are unfolded, sorted by color and repulped to create “recycled orizuru paper.”
With various colors scattered through the paper, the wishes for peace concealed in the paper cranes are expressed.

■Earth-friendly products
Recycled orizuru paper products, with the added value of new designs, are bing embraced by consumers aligned with the global movement called “ethical consumption.” For this recycled orizuru paper card case, we added more “ecological” value by using wood offcuts.

■A project to support people and regions
The process of making these recycled orizuru paper items draws on the skills of a variety of people. For example, manufacturers are collaborating with creators, and disabled people and housewives are involved in manufacture.

■Name: Recycled orizuru (paper cranes) paper card case
Color: White/brown
Size: W93×H58×D8 mm (About 25 cards can fit.)
Material: Recycled orizuru (paper crane) paper, wood, brass, magnet
Price: 2,640 yen (tax not included)

Continuous employment support (type B) workshop for disabled people in Hiroshima city

Only one in the world. Feel the warmth of handmade paper

Each recycled orizuru paper used for card case is carefully made one by one by workers’ hands. It has a unique “warmth” that western paper can’t match. The scattered pieces of color show us various expressions. I’m very happy that we were able to make a card case out of this paper. It’s all handmade, so each piece is unique. I hope many people will enjoy owning a one-of-a-kind card case.

Product & graphic designer

Nobuyuki Takahashi

Enjoy the warmth of recycled orizuru paper.

Making good use of the warmth of recycled orizuru paper, we made a practical card case for daily use.
The wood on the sides enhances the allure of recycled paper and increases structural strength.
You can enjoy the color fading as you use it for years.
We hope you’ll feel the wishes for peace which are enclosed in the orizuru paper cranes.

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