EARTH peace ring

TOHO Co., Ltd.

A limited-edition sparkling peace ring made with high quality beads.

As an EARTH Hiroshima limited design, the EARTH peace ring has a 4-row structure, which is 1-row more than the standard design.
Using their hexagonal beads, which are processed by cutting the world’s top class beads to precise shapes, light on the ring reflects to make it sparkle like high-class jewelry, lending the ring a special atmosphere.

Size reference: S=size 12 (15 lines), M=size 15 (16 lines), L=size 17 (17 lines)
There may be slight differences from one ring to another.

TOHO Co., Ltd.

Wishing for world peace with each bead

This project has been launched with the idea that “through the PEACE RING, we want to connect people living all over the world, and wish for peace together.” Around the globe, there are many places where people are suffering from war and hunger, and where children can’t go to school.
We think it’s necessary to eliminate war and hunger to create societies where children have access to adequate food and education. We want to help.
It’s said that the origin of BEADS is “prayer.” The company founder left the motto, “Devote yourself to each bead.” Each employee inherits these words, devoting themselves to making beads at the factory in Hiroshima. It would be great if we wished for a peaceful society for children around the world, sewing up each bead with a needle and thread.
Wish for world peace (beads)!

For more information>> ”PEACE RING Project”

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