Supporting the PR Activities for “The Path to Peace,” a Project Aiding Ukrainian Refugees

In 2022, sisters Haruka Kodama and Miyu Kodama, originally from Hiroshima and now residing in the United States, launched the project “The Path to Peace (TPTP).” This initiative aims to welcome Ukrainian refugees to Hiroshima and support them from obtaining visas to finding housing and employment, ensuring their path to an independent life.



We at EARTH Hiroshima have been moved by their meaningful activities and their proactive involvement, engaging various individuals and corporations even as students. Consequently, we are supporting them in PR activities.


In September 2022, the project saw its first successful reception of Ukrainian refugees!

Sister Masha Borozina (left) and sister Faziliye Borozina (right)


Currently, with the cooperation of supporting companies, they have settled into homes and jobs and are living their daily lives in Hiroshima.

For more about their experiences after arriving in Japan, please see here^^

The media has also covered this significant accomplishment:


October 5, 2022, Chugoku Shimbun morning edition and Chugoku Shimbun Digital


December 24, 2022, RCC “Imanama!”

October 6, 2022, Hiroshima Economic Report


October 11, 2022, Lognote & October 18, 2022, Economic Report

– Your donations and support are needed –

The tragic situation continues in Ukraine even now. To continue this project, your donations are crucial. We kindly ask for your cooperation in donations and support.

<For donations, click here>


Going forward, we will continue to support this project.

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