We exhibited our products at Mr. Prem Rawat’s seminar “World Peace Realized by Peace of Mind. World’s future from Hiroshima.”

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On October 13th (Sat.), for the global peace ambassador Prem Rawat’s 45th anniversary in Japan, the seminar “World Peace Realized by Peace of Mind. World’s future from Hiroshima” was held at the International Conference Center Hiroshima (at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park). We had a chance to sell EARTH Hiroshima’s products in the lobby!




At the age of 8, Mr. Prem Rawat started making speeches in public. This year was the 52nd year of his world seminar tour.


“Real peace resides in the heart of every living human being.” Mr. Prem Rawat has been delivering this simple but deep message.


The global peace ambassador, Mr. Prem Rawat, had been longing to hold a seminar in Hiroshima, the town of peace, for 45 years since his first visit to Japan in 1973.


At the venue, there were so many people coming to hear Mr. Rawat’s talk from all over the world, as well as Japan.



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We’re glad that many people (especially visitors from abroad!!) showed interest in our thoughts enclosed in EARTH Hiroshima’s products.

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