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EARTH Hiroshima Launches New Ethical Line “Re:ORIZURU”!

Soar Services Co., Ltd., the company behind Hiroshima’s Peace brand “EARTH Hiroshima,” announces the launch of its new ethical product line “Re:ORIZURU ,” developed using “Origami Crane Recycled Paper (※1).” The line was launched on Earth Day, April 22, 2021.

Background of the New Line “Re:ORIZURU”

Each year, Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima receives millions of origami cranes from around the world as symbols of peace, amounting to approximately 10 million cranes and weighing around 10 tons. EARTH Hiroshima has been redesigning these colorful fragments of origami cranes into “Origami Crane Recycled Paper (see ※1 below)” and transforming them into new forms like goods. Due to the narrative and design of these products, they have been well-received by those who have encountered them. With the desire to make this series known to more people, we established it as a product line to strengthen the brand, leading to the launch of “Re:ORIZURU.”


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About “Origami Crane Recycled Paper” (※1)

The origami cranes collected at Peace Memorial Park are stored for a certain period before being sent to welfare workshops (※2), where each crane is carefully deconstructed and sorted by color. They are then dissolved in water to be reborn as “Origami Crane Recycled Paper.” This paper, dotted with colorful fragments, carries the wishes for peace and the hope of connecting to future generations.


※2 Welfare workshops… Facilities that provide employment and skill acquisition opportunities for individuals who find it difficult to work due to physical, mental, or household reasons, with the aim of promoting independence.

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