Factory Tour at Pop Japan, Collaborator for EARTH Fabric Accessories!

Recently, we visited Pop Japan, our collaborator for EARTH fabric accessories, for a factory tour!

Pop Japan collaboration products↓

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Pop Japan ( has been manufacturing since 1974, focusing mainly on banners and flags. They are a top-level company in the fabric printing industry with one of the largest production volumes.

Interestingly, they are very committed to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

<About Pop Japan’s SDGs>


This time, as companies both engaged in sustainable efforts, we visited hoping to gain some insights!

From the reception area, Pop Japan’s unique character shines through.

Beyond reception, there’s a showcase of the various innovative products that Pop Japan has created over the years!

By the way, they also offer this kind of service^^

“The moment you have an idea, just start making it” – this trial-and-error spirit was evident.


Now, let’s go on a tour inside the factory!

First, we saw how fabric is cut. Large pieces of cloth are cut using massive machines.

(Interestingly, this process produces a large amount of scrap material.)


Next, we observed the color mixing process, where they create the exact shades customers desire.

Each color is carefully and precisely mixed by hand – it’s quite a skill!

Here’s the printing process in action.

Due to client confidentiality, there were areas we couldn’t photograph. The parts we’ve shown are just a fraction of the various processes that occur. They also actively welcome factory tours from students and others.


This factory tour was incredibly insightful, and we were impressed by the technology of a top-level industry company. Seeing their numerous challenges leveraging their strengths gave us many inspirations and hints.

We hope to utilize what we learned from this fruitful visit in our future product development!


Thank you so much to Pop Japan for this opportunity☆

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