Koyudo Co., Ltd. Makeup Brush Workshop

Koyudo Co., Ltd. Makeup Brush Workshop

Hiroshima-born traditional craft “Kumano brush”

“Kumanocho” is the traditional town where Kumano brush craftsmen have passed down their techniques since the end of Edo period.
Makeup professionals both in Japan and abroad love Kumano brushes for their superfine touch and good finishing. Kumano brushes are made only by aligning the hair’s edges, never by cutting them. This process allows the tips to absorb powder finely so that the makeup finishing is smooth as bare skin.

Tradition × Innovation ― Koyudo’s Mission

In this “Kumanocho, town of brushes,” Koyudo has maintained traditional production methods. At the same time, we produce innovative brushes to supply high quality Kumano makeup brushes at reasonable prices. Originally, we produced brushes for calligraphy. But in 2004 we began making makeup brushes. Making a calligraphy brush is more complicated than making a makeup brush. So by using the techniques we developed through making calligraphy brushes, we can offer high quality, elaborate makeup brushes displaying our craft.

There are 3 registered traditional craftsmen in our workshop, and we’re working to pass down their techniques to the next generation. Aiming to increase efficiency in using craftsmen’s techniques, we established a new workshop to maximize the advantages of both craftsmen’s techniques and machine.
Valuing both tradition and innovation, we’re developing innovative, functional products for the global stage as well as Japan.

4-4-7 Hiradani, Kunamo-cho, Akigun, Hiroshima Prefecture

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