Sachio Heya

Graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer

Sachio Heya Sachio Heya


EZUYA Co., Ltd.

Born in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture and grew up in Noumi island (currently called Etajima City), Hiroshima in Seto Inland Sea.
After working at an apparel tool design company, and several advertising companies, he became independent in 1998.

Major clients and works:
SAN MARIO Co., Ltd., MARIO group’s restaurant coordinate and branding design
Aigran Co., Ltd.
Maeda Housing Co., Ltd.
Eirakudo Co., Ltd.
Cadore Ltd. etc.

His work ranges from logo design to printing tools, signs, and coordinating shops.
He has created more than 200 logos for private businesses.
Recently he has worked on graphic design and branding coordination for OHNO Associates Group.

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