Tomoko Kanagu

Art Director & Graphic Designer

Tomoko Kanagu Tomoko Kanagu


Representative of K’s design room

Started work at a production company in 1993 and became an independent designer in 2000. Established “K’s design room” in 2003 and has run the business since then.
Worked on planning & designing posters, newspaper advertisements, flyers, and brochures, as well as creating various graphic designs for packaging, CI, websites, etc.
Recent awards include the “General Grand Prize at The 41st Chugoku Newspaper Advertisement Award” in 2014, “Gold Medal of the 36th Hiroshima Advertisement Planning Award (Outdoor advertising section)” in 2015, “Grand Prix at the 43rd Chugoku Newspaper Advertisement Award” in 2016, etc.
Full-member of Japan Graphic Designer Association (JAGDA)
Full-member of Hiroshima Art Director’s Club (“H”ADC)

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