Orizuru (Paper Crane) Beads Postcard

TOHO Co., Ltd. × Tomoko Kanagu

Postcard with shiny beads showing through an orizuru (paper crane)

Post card with TOHO-made glass beads inside orizuru illustration

3 messages are available, written in both Japanese and English. “Love and Peace,” “Congratulations” and “Good Luck.” You can display the card on your desk or send it to a loved one.

TOHO Co., Ltd.

President & CEO

Iwao Yamanaka

Glass beads made in Hiroshima. Deliver a unique message using this postcard.

Among craft fans and the apparel industry, it’s well known that world famous, top quality beads are made here in Hiroshima. To let even more people know, we selected a postcard from countless ideas, because a postcard is a common part of daily life. The design with beads showing through an illustration of Hiroshima’s symbolic orizuru is a new way to use beads. In the future, we’d like to add more colors to the postcards and express the rich variation of our beads.
We hope many Japanese and overseas tourists, as well as local residents, will learn about TOHO’s “made in Hiroshima” glass beads, and think about peace and their loved ones by using this bead postcard.

K’s design room / Art Director & Graphic Designer

Tomoko Kanagu

Deliver to people all over the world

When I had a chance to visit the bead factory, I was inspired with a passion to make something new.
There are many “orizuru” themed products in the world. So to stand out, I expressed an orizuru with sharp lines in a simple design that will bring an image of “Japan” to anyone who picks up the postcard. Messages in both Japanese and English are also added to the postcard, so that people can choose the best one for the occasion or as a souvenir.
I designed this postcard imagining how happy I would be to receive such a postcard filled with sparkly beads.

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