EARTH Kendama

Iwata Mokko Inc.

Reminiscent of our beautiful earth. You’ll feel yourself drawn into this kendama in deep blue.

Kendama in collaboration with “Mugen musou,” which energises kendama fans worldwide.
Kendama created imagining “earth.”
Of course it’s fun to play with, but it’s also an eye-catching display item.

Iwata Mokko Inc.


Tomomasa Iwata

Connect Hiroshima and the world through Kendama

We have struggled with how to express “Earth” for the driving theme of EARTH Hiroshima brand. We applied many layers of paint and pearl coating to achieve the white gradation. After many trials, we had a kendama that looks exactly like “earth.” The colors are deep, and you’ll feel as if you’re being drawn into it. Its clear blue color is like the sky.
The Kendama originated in Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture before spreading around the world to fascinate legions of players. But most people still don’t know that such kendama are crafted in Hiroshima. So we’ll be thrilled if both Japanese and overseas visitors visiting Hiroshima will connect Hiroshima and the world with our kendama.

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