“Hiroshima’s sake lees, Tsurutsuru” series hand cream and face mask, released for sale from October 8th (Thu.)!

The Hiroshima-based peace brand “EARTH Hiroshima,” launched by Soar Service Inc. (Headquarter: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture / President: Chizuru Gorai), will release new products using Hiroshima’s sake lees extract, “Hiroshima’s sake lees hand cream, Tsurutsuru” and “Hiroshima’s sake lees face mask, Tsurutsuru” from Thursday, October 8, following the success of our earlier “Hiroshima’s sake lees carbonated mist, Tsurutsuru.”



Beauty Benefits of Sake Lees Extract
Hiroshima is one of Japan’s most famous sake brewing regions. The “Tsurutsuru with Hiroshima’s sake lees” series uses extract of sake lees from a brewery located in Hiroshima Prefecture. Sake lees are rich in beauty ingredients, and sake brewers’ hands are famously smooth and beautiful. It’s said to be effective for whitening and treating inflammation and allergies, and contains amino acids, vitamins, and a wealth of other nutrients.


Three additional ingredients

In addition to extract of sake lees, our new hand cream and face mask contain three additional ingredients: ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and placenta. They’re ideal for skin that tends to dry out from exposure to summer sun and for skin that is rough due to frequent disinfection with alcohol and the wearing of masks.


Image of a Sake Label
The package design was created by Penguin Graphics, a leading Hiroshima design firm.
The design was inspired by the motif of “Tsuru (which also means crane in Japanese),” which is a common sight in Hiroshima, and “Tsuru-tsuru (meaning smooth skin in Japanese),” as well as the image of a high-class sake label, since the product contains sake lees extract.


Penguin Graphics Ltd.


A leading Hiroshima design firm, handling everything from product branding to general advertising.
It has won numerous awards, including the HADC Grand Prix.
They’ve also provided art direction for the branding of long-established local restaurants and sake breweries, as well as designing mascots for TV stations.


=======<Outline of Products>=======


Product   : Hiroshima’s sake lees hand cream, Tsurutsuru

Contents  : Hand cream

Volume  : 30g

Sales price : ¥900(without tax)



Product   : Hiroshima’s sake lees face mask, Tsurutsuru

Contents   : Face mask

Volume   : 1 sheet in a pack, 3 sets

Sales price  : ¥1,100(without tax)



<Shops where these new products will appear>


・Souvenir Shop ”Hito to Ki,” Orizuru Tower 1F

・ekie Shima Shoten

・Aki Grand Hotel

*Additional shop locations are planned.


Products from this series now on sale!

Hiroshima’s sake lees carbonated mist, Tsurutsuru


In addition to Hiroshima sake lees, this mist lotion is infused with highly concentrated carbonic acid.

Content  : Mist lotion

Volume   : 50g

Sales price : ¥2,200(without tax)



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