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New Release on May 3rd: The Fan Made from Recycled Origami Crane Paper, “Re:ORIZURU FANO”!

Soar Service Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture; President: Chizuru Gorai), which operates the Hiroshima-originated Peace brand “EARTH Hiroshima,” in collaboration with Camino Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Koichiro Fukazawa), a company specializing in planning, developing, and selling paper recycling products, will start selling the fan made from recycled origami crane paper, “Re:ORIZURU FANO,” from May 3rd, 2023 (Wednesday).

– A world of wishes from a thousand cranes around the globe reborn as “Re:ORIZURU” to spread once again –

“Re:ORIZURU FANO” is the newest addition to the sustainable product line “Re:ORIZURU” of EARTH Hiroshima, which utilizes “Recycled Origami Crane Paper .”


Each year, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, located in Hiroshima City, receives many thousand cranes from around the world, amounting to about 10 million cranes (approx. 10 tons). With the desire to spread the heartfelt wishes carried by these cranes and to bring a gentle, comforting feeling to those who hold them, “Re:ORIZURU” gives new design value to these recycled origami cranes, transforming them into goods for everyone to cherish.


The initiative of “Re:ORIZURU” and the concept of “FANO,” which develops fans using recycled origami crane paper, resonated, leading to this collaboration. The fan “Re:ORIZURU FANO” was born, featuring original designs by a tag-team effort of the NPO “Community Leader Hyur Pon” in Hiroshima City and the Faculty of Art at Hiroshima City University.


-The artists are individuals with disabilities. Design by the Faculty of Art at Hiroshima City University -

The patterns of the three fans being released, “Re:ORIZURU FANO-smile-,” “Re:ORIZURU FANO-passion-,” and “Re:ORIZURU FANO-more smile-,” were all drawn by the members of the continuous employment support type B workplace “Pon Pon” (operated by NPO “Community Leader Hyur Pon” in Hiroshima City). Based on their words and expressions, fonts and patterns were created and designed by the research lab of Professor Masahiro Najima at the Faculty of Art, Hiroshima City University.


When you spread the fan, smiles spread too. In an instant, the unique and playful illustrations positively affect the viewer’s heart. The designs turned out somewhat mysterious, gentle, and warm, capturing the essence of washi paper’s texture.


~ Overview of “Re:ORIZURU FANO” Product ~

■ Price: 3,850 yen (tax included)

■ Materials: [Fan surface/package] Recycled origami crane paper (30% recycled origami crane pulp / 70% recycled milk carton pulp), [Handle/strap holder] Thinned cypress wood

■ Size: [When open] Length 33 cm / Fan diameter 22 cm, [When stored] Length 24 cm

■ Country of origin: Japan

■ Other: A portion of the proceeds will be used as activity funds for the social contribution project “ONGAESHI Project.”

>>Product Information


-Fan “FANO” made from recycled origami crane paper -

“FANO” is a fan designed using recycled paper from cranes sent to Hiroshima. It’s part of an initiative started by the city of Hiroshima to elevate the thoughts of peace inherent in the origami cranes.

Fragments of colorful origami cranes remain, offering a unique look to each piece, and the natural cream color, combined with the texture of washi paper, creates a soft appearance.

We want to convey our gratitude to everyone around the world who folded and sent origami cranes, utilizing unique Japanese ideas and techniques. We hope that these reborn cranes as “FANO” will carry the “winds of peace” all over the world. <Camino Co., Ltd.>

< “Re:ORIZURU FANO” Project Members >


■ Produce & Sales / EARTH Hiroshima

Connecting Hiroshima’s highly skilled manufacturing industry with talented creators to develop and sell products from concept to completion. Also developing eco-friendly and ethical brand lines like “Re:ORIZURU” using recycled origami crane paper and promoting Hiroshima’s technology and appeal as products that resonate nationally and internationally.


■ Product Design & Sales / Camino Co., Ltd.

A company seriously considering what materials to use for products and how people will use them, with a commitment to sustainability, social participation, peace contribution, and the balance of beauty and functionality. Camino aspires to be a company that never forgets these commitments, working towards a sustainable society.


■ Original Art Provided By: NPO “Community Leader Hyur Pon”

We believe in diverse forms of social participation for people with disabilities. At our continuous employment support type B workplace “Community Hot Space Pon Pon,” we value not only work but also connecting with people and society to live richer, happier, and more authentic lives.

One of our methods is through expressive activities (such as art and theater), connecting with others and acquiring manners necessary for social participation while engaging in these activities.


■ Design: Art Faculty 342 Research Lab at Hiroshima City University (Professor Masahiro Najima)

Our lab works on individual research projects, converting art created by people with disabilities into fonts and patterns, proposing them as “Peace fonts.” The concept is that the smiles of children, the elderly, and people with disabilities, often called socially vulnerable, are a barometer of peace. We hope that these fonts and patterns will help bring about those smiles.

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