“Recycled orizuru paper” “goods have been certified as the “Furusato Meihin of the Year” Regional Revitalization Award!

“Furusato Meihin of the Year” is an award supporting local masterpieces with great possibilities and their market development. Our products won the Regional Revitalization Award in the “masterpiece category.”



This year, 5 masterpieces won the Regional Revitalization Award in the “masterpiece category.”

Among these, one will win the Regional Revitalization Grand Award, which will be announced at the award ceremony in Tokyo on March 24th.

It would be a great chance to let more people know about “recycled orizuru papers,” which most non-Hiroshima residents haven’t heard of. So we’ll do our best to win the grand award. Please pray for our success, thank you!



— EARTH Hiroshima recycled orizuru paper goods —

With wishes for peace, about 10 million orizuru paper cranes are donated to Peace Park from all over the world every year.

With support from Hiroshima-based manufacturers, creators, disabled people and housewives, EARTH Hiroshima is giving new life to those donated cranes, using recycled paper in new products that many people can use and love.


<Recycled orizuru paper goods>

Letter paper, recycled from orizuru (paper crane)

Notebook, recycled from orizuru (paper crane)

Recycled orizuru paper aroma diffuser




EARTH Hiroshima will continue cheering on Hiroshima and spreading wishes for peace to the world through our products!

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